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  • EP 078: How to Make More Money
    Let's break down how YOU can add value.Everyone wants to increase their net worth and how much money they have coming in... but rarely do people ask themselves HOW to do just that. In this episode, I dive into a different perspective of how to make more money.Podcast version:  You can also listen on Spotify, iTunes and StitcherVideo version:More videos, […]
  • EP 077: The Most Asked Stock Market Questions (Live Q&A Replay)
    When I first started trading... I had a LOT of questions. And I know you traders out there can relate......Which is why we are always trying to come up with new, effective ways to get your questions answered. In this episode, we opened up our Fan Line Phone number and took your questions LIVE on air. We […]
  • EP 076: The Bright Side of Making Money
    As Kanye once said: "Where you're rich or broke you need to get this: Having money is not everything, not having it is"In the last episode, we talked about the perceived negatives of making money. Now it's time to flip the coin and look at the positive side...The bright side to making money. And man oh man... there […]
  • EP 075: The Dark Side of Making Money
    Often there are 2 sides to every "coin", or situation.It's the same with making money.Recently, I went live in Youtube to talk about the realities of making money, and the perceived negatives of it. In this part 1 episode, I share with you my personal journey to finding that money doesn't buy real happiness and how […]
  • EP 074: “How I Grew $200 to $10,000 Trading Options” – Laura’s Testimonial
    One of our Power Trade members came forward to share her powerful story.Laura Hernandez started with us inside of Power Trades University in 2017, when she first started trading in the stock market, and has since grown her account exponentially. She shares with us her hesitations, fears, and triumphs in this impactful testimonial. Video Version:Audio Version: Here […]
  • EP 073: Power Trades University Testimonial: $15,000 in 1 Week Using Options
    Trading in the stock market can not only change your life, but also the lives of your family members and create financial legacy for generations to come.One of the most impactful things about the stock market to me is that it truly can change the life of ANYONE.The stock market does not care about your […]
  • EP 072: Becoming a Millionaire | Part 2
    In our last episode, I shared part 1 of my journey of becoming a millionaireIf you haven't been able to listen to that yet, click here to check it out. My intention is to share with you my story so that you can see that incredible things can happen to ordinary people - if you put […]
  • EP 071: Becoming a Millionaire | Part 1
    I used to think: "HOW did they become a millionaire?" Now on the other side, I want to share my story...Many people gain wealth with a cloak of mystery and it makes it seem like it's unattainable...But I am here to tell you, if I can do it - so can YOU.  You can also […]
  • EP 070: 7 Lessons From the Year 2020
    2020 was an intense year for many people...This past year is definitely one for the history books. I want to share my personal lessons that I learned from this past year that could impact you and the way you approach 2021.  You can also listen on Spotify, iTunes and StitcherVideo Version:1. Turmoil Creates Opportunity This isn't a new concept.. In fact […]
  • EP 069: Power Trades University Testimonial: How Larry Grew His Trading Account to Six Figures
    Is getting started in the stock market even worth it?Larry Draper is one of my Power Trades University members (where I offer my premium courses, coaching and community) who has grown his trading account into... get this:OVER $100k in just a few short months...And proved to himself that in his case, the stock market was definitely worth […]
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