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  • Michigan distributes $10 million in tax revenue to ...
    Michigan's marijuana industry leaves people of color behind State's marijuana workgroup calls for new taxes to improve industry diversity Detroit Mayor Duggan doubles down on not wanting J&J ...
  • Lawsuit challenges Detroit recreational marijuana shop ...
    City officials have said only a fraction of the city's 46 medical marijuana dispensaries, permitted under an ordinance the council approved in 2018, are owned by Detroit residents.
  • Black entrepreneurs are ... - Detroit Metro Times
    Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry is blooming, generating more than a billion dollars in its first full year. But Black people, who were disproportionately jailed when marijuana was...
  • Marijuana industry wants more ... - Detroit Free Press
    LANSING – Michigan's marijuana industry says it is solidly behind plans to improve racial diversity in the growing, processing, testing, transportation and sale of the product. But industry...
  • Dealing Detroiters into legal marijuana industry won't be ...
    Detroit is courting a marijuana problem. But it’s not what you think. Detroiters who smoke weed or sell it on the black market have been criminalized for decades. And hideous green marquees...
  • Michigan’s Marijuana Industry Leaves ... - CW50 Detroit
    Michigan’s Marijuana Industry Leaves People Of Color Behind. LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The first year of state-licensed recreational marijuana sales in Michigan saw $511 million of sales in recreational and $474 million in medical sales, generating over $100 million in tax revenue, but the state also found that the commercial marijuana industry drastically failed to […]
  • Michigan’s Marijuana Industry Leaves ... - CBS Detroit
    Michigan’s Marijuana Industry Leaves People Of Color Behind. LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The first year of state-licensed recreational marijuana sales in Michigan saw $511 million of sales in ...
  • 'Green rush': How the Legacy Detroit program aims to ...
    Councilman Tate is sponsor of the Medical Marijuana Facilities and Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments ordinance, which allows for recreational dispensaries to open in the city. Detroit City Council passed the ordinance in November 2020. The ordinance itself was crafted by a team that included Tate, his staff, the mayor’s administration, and the city’s legal department.
  • Cannabis in Metro Detroit: How the marijuana industry is ...
    Beyond that, the legalization of recreational marijuana three years ago also created new room for the industry to grow in Michigan. According to an economic analysis by Michigan State University last year, the estimated retail value of the marijuana industry is expected to hit $3 billion.
  • Detroit native Tre Hobbs gets grant to help bring ...
    Detroit's new recreational marijuana ordinance allows for 35 microbusinesses licenses. This new category of commerce allows licensees to grow up to 150 plants, process marijuana into edibles and...
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  • Power Trades University Testimonial: $15,000 in 1 Week Using Options
    Trading in the stock market can not only change your life, but also the lives of your family members and create financial legacy for generations to come.One of the most impactful things about the stock market to me is that it truly can change the life of ANYONE.The stock market does not care about your […]
  • Becoming a Millionaire | Part 2
    In our last episode, I shared part 1 of my journey of becoming a millionaireIf you haven't been able to listen to that yet, click here to check it out. My intention is to share with you my story so that you can see that incredible things can happen to ordinary people - if you put […]
  • Becoming a Millionaire | Part 1
    I used to think: "HOW did they become a millionaire?" Now on the other side, I want to share my story...Many people gain wealth with a cloak of mystery and it makes it seem like it's unattainable...But I am here to tell you, if I can do it - so can YOU. You can also listen […]
  • 7 Lessons From the Year 2020
    2020 was an intense year for many people...This past year is definitely one for the history books. I want to share my personal lessons that I learned from this past year that could impact you and the way you approach 2021. You can also listen on Spotify, iTunes and StitcherVideo Version:1. Turmoil Creates Opportunity This isn't a new concept.. In fact when […]
  • Power Trades University Testimonial: How Larry Grew His Trading Account to Six Figures
    Is getting started in the stock market even worth it?Larry Draper is one of my Power Trades University members (where I offer my premium courses, coaching and community) who has grown his trading account into... get this:OVER $100k in just a few short months...And proved to himself that in his case, the stock market was definitely worth […]
  • Money Mondays Episode 6: The Four Different Stock Trading Styles
    Let's Break Down the Four Different Stock Trading Styles: What they are and which one is the best.Something this industry has a tendency to do that’s sort of backwards is bashing a certain style of trading. The reality is everything works and nothing works. There are four stock trading styles and which one you choose is […]
  • Money Mondays Episode 5: The 4 Stages of Learning About the Stock Market
    There are 4 steps to learning any subject...And in this Money Mondays episode, I broke down how they apply to the stock market. Knowing the stage you are in will help you keep moving up the ladder to becoming a financial strategist with respects to the stock market. Whether you are a beginner stock trader or have […]
  • Money Mondays Episode 4: “The Chart Analyzation” – What Works & What Doesn’t
    Does chart reading REALLY work for finding profitable trades?In Episode 4 of "Money Mondays" (which aired live on August 3rd, 2020), financial educator Cat Alford and I brought the heat - and the answer to that question. I went behind the scenes of my educational platform of Power Trades University to show you real chart analyzation […]
  • Money Mondays Episode 3: “The Power of Credit”
    Who knew that a little piece of plastic could do so much damage?Being in the financial education space... I see this is an issue where many people get stuck:Credit card debt. Or maybe they aren't even in debt but just figuring out HOW to manage different accounts and how to save to actually start INVESTING or […]
  • Money Mondays Episode 2: “The Why That Fuels Financial Fire”
    Why do we do what we do? Why do YOU do what you do?In Episode 2 of our new live series "Money Mondays" on YouTube, we answered these very questions. It is so important to understand the WHY behind your goals:Why do you want to learn about finances?Is it because of your family? Wanting to leave […]
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  • 2021 Best Tech Startups in Detroit – The Tech Tribune
    2018 Best Tech Startups in Detroit “StockX is the world’s first stock market of things – a live ‘Bid/Ask’ marketplace. Buyers place bids, sellers place Asks and when a Bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automatically. Buy & Sell verified authentic sneakers, watches and handbags.” 2. Guardhat Technologies. Founded: 2014. Also honored in: 2020 […]
  • 8 Detroit startups that could change the world
    8 Detroit startups that could change the world. Abess Makki, founder of CityInsight CityInsight. Entrepreneurs are as entrenched in Detroit's mythology as much as any city in the United States. James Vernor and his oak cask-aged ginger ale. Henry Ford and his five dollar workday.
  • Home - Detroit Startup Week
    WHAT IS DETROIT STARTUP WEEK. Techstars Startup Week Detroit is a free five-day celebration of entrepreneurship, hosted by a unified community in spaces that you love. Participate in a new type of conference, led by entrepreneurs dedicated to building momentum and opportunity in a revived city. About us.
  • 2020 Best Tech Startups in Detroit – The Tech Tribune
    2018 Best Tech Startups in Detroit. “Waymark is an art and technology company that creates smart marketing tools to grow businesses and drive more traffic to websites. We started this company because we know that winning new customers is a critical challenge for small, local businesses.
  • Startups in Detroit • • Detroit Startups List
    DIAM Detroit is a startup art collective involving local artists and designers to showcase their talents in the form of art and clothing. Acting as an acronym for "Death is a motivation", the name is derived directly from one definition of anxiety being the fear ...
  • The Top Detroit Startups To Watch In 2020 | purpose.jobs
    Bloomscape is blooming and booming, and so is their team. They love using creativity to solve problems and expect a get-it-done attitude. Fast paced, fast growing, green thumb preferred. All right in the heart of downtown Detroit. Want access to startup jobs like these? 👇 Did we miss a standout startup? Share this article and […]
  • 15 Detroit Startups To Know | Built In
    Detroit’s small business scene is booming, and it’s estimated that the city is home to around 50,000 small businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color. Over the past couple of years, Detroit has enjoyed an over 63 percent boost in small business growth, far outpacing that of other cities like Dallas and Los Angeles.
  • Detroit Tech & Startups | Built In
    Detroit Tech & Startups | Built In 15 Startups Leading Detroit's Renaissance When Detroit was founded, it was in the spirit of invention, inspiration and ingenuity.
  • Opinion: Helping Detroit entrepreneurs and startups thrive
    This high-tech hub is one of 21 SmartZones in the state and has played a substantial role in supporting 2,930 Detroit-based startups since launching in 2007, of which 679 were owned by African...
  • 16 High-Growth Startups Hiring in Detroit & Ann Arbor
    New brands like Warby Parker, Kit & Ace, Shinola, Bonobos, and WeWork have all made big bets on Detroit, there are new lofts and apartments opening every day, and cost of living is among the lowest of all the major tech hubs.
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  • Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments and News. Roots of ...
    Marijuana Stocks (MarijuanaStocks.com) is the website of choice for all cannabis investors within the marijuana stock sector. We offer a full list of marijuana stocks, breaking pot stock news, top cannabis sector information and the best marijuana stocks to buy & watch and so much more.
  • Best Marijuana Stocks for 2021: Cannabis Investing | The ...
    3 key things to know about marijuana stocks. Let’s first cover some of the most important things you need to know to get started with investing in marijuana stocks: 1. There are three broad ...
  • 10 Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy for 2021 | Kiplinger
    Investors keep waiting for marijuana stocks to come to life. In 2020, the Prime Alternative Harvest Index, which covers many of the major global cannabis companies, wasn't too good.
  • 12 Marijuana Stocks to Buy Now in 2021 | MarketBeat
    Others are privately studying the medical uses of marijuana. Yet others are providing tools and software for marijuana growers. As more cannabis companies file IPOs and enter the stock market, it will become increasingly difficult for investors to identify which marijuana stocks will truly benefit from the cannabis boom.
  • 8 Best Marijuana Penny Stocks to Buy (March 2021 ...
    OTCMKTS: AMMJ ($.173) AMMJ Stock– American Cannabis Company Inc. is a consulting firm that provides an all-in-one shop for the budding entrepreneur.They have multiple years experience in helping marijuana companies grow from the ground up. On top of the setup phase marijuana companies go through, American Cannabis also provides marketing, branding, and staffing solutions for […]
  • The 7 Best Marijuana Stocks on the Markets Right Now ...
    Despite a global pandemic, many marijuana stocks saw a strong rally in 2020 with demand for cannabis on the rise. Some dispensaries were even deemed an essential business during the widespread ...
  • Top Marijuana Stocks on the NASDAQ for March 2021
    Marijuana stocks, as represented by the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (), have significantly outperformed the broader market.MJ has provided a total return of 48.9% over the past 12 months, below ...
  • Top Marijuana Stocks for March 2021 - Investopedia
    Marijuana Stocks with the Most Momentum . Momentum investing is a factor-based investing strategy in which you invest in a stock whose price has risen faster than the market as a whole. Momentum ...
  • Cannabis Stocks - Yahoo Finance
    Cannabis Stocks. 140.82k followers • 19 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance. Follow this list to discover and track the stock of publicly traded companies with exposure to cannabis
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  • TechTown Detroit | Where Detroit Businesses Launch and Grow
    TechTown is Detroit’s entrepreneurship hub. We empower Detroit-based startups and local businesses by providing resources, collaborative workspace and education for entrepreneurs that will further accelerate inclusive economic development across Detroit.
  • Arts, Culture & Entrepreneurship | City of Detroit
    The Office of Arts Culture and Entrepreneurship (Detroit ACE) is asking creators citywide to submit programming, performances and works of art for a monthly showcase highlighting the breadth and depth of exceptional talent in our city in fine arts, music, spoken word, theatre, film, culinary arts, fashion and more.
  • The Detroit Entrepreneur – Recognizing the city's ...
    The Detroit Entrepreneur – our purpose and vision. Our vision is to feature emerging entrepreneurs and recognize creatives. The city is rich with stellar businesses, leaders, and talents. Additionally, we cover all of Michigan and those that have impacted us.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Detroit Entrepreneurship ...
    UP Detroit is a branch of the global UP network, a community of volunteers that provides resources for entrepreneurs across the globe. Most notably, it runs many Startup Weekend events, during which innovators can pitch an idea, form a team and launch a product in just three days.
  • Virtual entrepreneurship training ... - Detroit Free Press
    ProsperUs Detroit and TechTown Detroit have announced entrepreneurship training programs for participants to virtually learn how to operate a business.. The two entrepreneurship training programs ...
  • Entrepreneurship groups in Detroit - Meetup
    Find local Entrepreneurship groups in Detroit, Michigan and meet people who share your interests. Join a group and attend online or in person events.
  • Metro Detroit entrepreneurs draw inspiration from Motor ...
    DETROIT – When two Metro Detroit natives wanted to start their own business, they drew inspiration from the Motor City. It started when four friends thought they could improve a car air ...
  • NYSE seeks to boost Detroit entrepreneurship with new boot ...
    NYSE seeks to boost Detroit entrepreneurship with new boot camp Sponsored By Small Business Association of Michigan The pandemic’s toll on small business owners and easing their burden
  • 4 young Detroit entrepreneurs launch podcast to talk ...
    A group of young men from Detroit are launching a podcast aimed to help others improve their lives. Among the topics, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.
  • Detroit Entrepreneurship Network
    The Detroit Entrepreneurship Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by students for students. We believe helping youth entrepreneurs in and around Detroit build innovative businesses is key to uplifting the city. We are a network of college student entrepreneurs mentoring high school entrepreneurs.